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South Fremantle

The South Fremantle neighbourhood is bounded by the Indian Ocean to the west, the City of Fremantle/City of Cockburn boundary to the south, Hampton Road to the east and South Street to the north.  South Fremantle derives its name from its location as the southern suburb of heCity of Fremantle.

The names has been in use for the area since at least the 1880s.  Dotted throughout this suburb and especially along South terrace are cafes, galleries, boutiques, small specialty shops and restaurants that add a vibrancy to this predominantly residential area. It is also home to the City of Fremantle’s Meeting Place and Fremantle Volunteer Centre, located along South Terrace, a hub for the local community to meet, take classes and share their knowledge.
South Beach with its stunning Norfolk Pines, large grassy areas, café and BBQ facilities is a popular place for families to gather to cool off after a hot day.

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